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Our Story

In a world that often neglects and undervalues women's voices, a group of empowered women envisioned a space where women could connect, support and learn from one another, and thrive.


​Inspired by the beautiful and resilient plum blossoms that bloom even in the harshest of winters, the founders of SheisDAO believe that similarly, women have the strength and fortitude to overcome any obstacle and thrive in any environment. While strong on our own power, we are stronger together supported by a global community which is inclusive and impactful. This is how SheisDAO was formed.​


By tapping on the power of blockchain technology to create a decentralized community, every member is given a platform to have a voice and a vote. At the heart of SheisDAO is the belief that women should have equal opportunities to participate in the Web 3.0 economy and have a say in shaping the future of the industry.


​Through community organized events, workshops, and mentorship programs, SheisDAO strives to empower and equip women with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the Web 3.0 space and make a positive impact in their communities. 

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