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Embark on a Digital Adventure with Suya's Exclusive Utility!


Unlock the World of Suya - Your Gateway to Exclusive Digital Batches!

Experience the electrifying blend of culture and innovation with Suya's unique utility. Dive into a world where technology meets creativity, and be part of an exclusive community that enjoys unparalleled benefits. 


What Awaits You in Suya's Realm:


① Party with Suya: The Ultimate Musical Extravaganza
- Secure your spot at an exclusive music club event in Japan on April 14, 2024. Feel the rhythm and be part of a night to remember with Suya!


② VIP Access to SheisDAO's Web3 Events
- Step into the future with priority access to groundbreaking Web3 events hosted by SheisDAO. Connect, engage, and immerse yourself in global events that redefine the digital era.


③ Early Bird Privilege for Suya's Digital Certification
- Multiply your benefits with each digital batch you collect. Owning more than one batch elevates your experience - for instance, purchasing 3 digital batches grants you 3 exclusive event tickets!
- Be among the first to own Suya's digital certification, announced by SheisDAO. Your early support is not just an investment; it's a journey alongside Suya, exploring untapped potential and sharing in the growth of future value.



Meet Suya: The Multicultural Maverick


Suya's story is one of diversity and dynamism. Born in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, and raised in a Taiwanese family, she embodies a fusion of cultures. This multicultural icon has journeyed from the skies as a flight attendant to the forefront of innovation as the founder of Sheis. As Mrs. Japan Worldwide and a debutant DJ, Suya is not just a trendsetter but a visionary producing exclusive content for SheisDAO. Her life is a tapestry of varied experiences, each thread representing a step in her journey of constant evolution.


Join Suya's Digital Revolution Today!

Don't miss this chance to be part of Suya's digital revolution. Embrace the opportunity to be more than just a spectator - become a participant in a journey of cultural fusion, technological innovation, and exclusive access to a world of benefits.


Suya's Utility

SKU: 02023122501
¥5,500 Regular Price
¥3,500Sale Price
  • Step 1: Purchase the Utility
    Start your journey by purchasing the utility from our SheisDAO store. Browse through our collection, select your preferred item, and complete the purchase process. Ensure that your email address is correctly entered during checkout, as this is crucial for the next steps.

    Step 2: Check Your Email
    After your purchase, keep an eye on your inbox. You will receive an email from us with detailed instructions on how to claim your NFT. This email is your gateway to accessing your digital asset, so it’s important not to miss it.

    Step 3: Follow the Instructions in the Email
    Open the email sent to you and read the instructions carefully. This email will guide you through the process of claiming your NFT. It will include all necessary links, codes, or steps required to complete the process. Follow these instructions meticulously to ensure a smooth and successful claim of your digital batch.

    Additional Tips:
    - Make sure to check your spam or junk folder if you don't see the email in your inbox.
    - For any issues or questions, contact our support team through [insert contact method].
    - Keep your transaction details handy, as they might be required during the claim process.

    Thank you for participating in our utility sale! We are excited to have you on board and can’t wait for you to enjoy your new digital asset.

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